Friday, October 2, 2009

If You Seek Amy, you're probably a whore too


No news is good news so that's probably why we are always happy about our news in the first place. But there is some news from the front. As reported earlier, brick mower's EP "Floors" is out and about on the label and it's cheap and good and just what you need for the change o' seasons. So far, the response has been positive and we here at VOCR appreciate the good words for brick mower. Not one person has said they hated it so far. Most like it with extreme vigor. So if you are one of the closet haters, may you come out of your closets soon. Message us on our myspace page to order.

So, just to touch on some upcoming releases:
We're saving up right now for our split 7" release with the Indiana label Songs on Tape. It'll be a split between the mid-west's best kept secret, Granny Frost, and our own brick mower. Right now, I'm putting a stamp of January or February on it but it hopefully will be out sooner.

Also, the full-length Bucky Fucking Dent album will be out in December just cause it's cheaper than pressing the 7" (who woulda thunk it, in this day in age?). If you haven't heard Bucky Fucking Dent yet, please do. Have you ever heard an old nostalgic punk talk in an interview about hearing The Ramones and saying something like, "That's when I realized, anyone can play this." Well, Bucky Fucking Dent will make you realize that you can do just about anything, including running for senate or becoming a full time grave digger. The possibilities are endless. Anyway, full length soon. Many songs. Many sleepless night for you.

And also, there's been peace talks about a collaborative effort with Iowa's Make Believe Bombs and the Felt Cat Records. VOCR will be releasing something they send us (we'll package it and make the artwork in a limited run) and they'll do the same for a band we send them. Revivalists, listen here! This may very well mark the return of the defunct Network of Halos (but for how long?). Details are sketchy at best. So please hang in.

Working on a website. Stayin' up all night. Tryin' to avoid fights. The posse stays tight. What? Good night.

-E and K