Thursday, September 24, 2009

Git along little doggie


The brick mower ep is published and ready to be handed out to those in need of a copy for their listening pleasure as well as those who shall inevitably use it as a coaster for their sweaty glasses of iced tea. Either way, as long as it's being put to work, we're happy. We really are excited about the release of this ep, as well as the wonderful addition to the band-drummer Russ Carstens. Shows will be in the works in the near future. Got any tips, places to play? Please let us know by sending a message ( OR If not you're still cool with us. Anyway, we will have direct links up shortly for the purchasing of VOC releases. Actually we're hoping to have some sort of legit website up, but the more I talk about these things, the less likely they are to happen, so I shut my mouth and update you when/if it actually materializes.
For now, you can always e-mail us at for trades/purchase info or just general sage advice from yours truly. That's all for now, kids.

Thanks a bunch,

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